Bahari - The beauty of The Sea as an Inspiration for Clothing Models of Different ages

Bahari - The beauty of The Sea as an Inspiration for Clothing Models of Different ages

BeachPhoto by Sven Piek on Unsplash

Bahari - This is a word that is rarely used by the general public. According to the KBBI itself, the sea has three meanings, namely, ancient, beautiful or beautiful, and the last is the sea. However, some people define the sea as another word than the sea. This time we will be talking about the sea and the beach. 

The coastline itself is a line separating land and ocean. With all its beauty on the beach, making tourists from various areas come to the beach to enjoy the beauty while playing in the water or just getting rid of the tiredness of various activities. In addition, visitors can also take pictures by taking advantage of the beautiful beach spot and upload it to social media. 

With its diverse popularity, some entrepreneurs create a variety of products that remind buyers of the beach and sea atmosphere. Starting from keys and other clothes, to fashion models such as clothing. 

The Beauty of the Sea as a Dress Model

Models of clothes today actually produce more products of pure clothing than models of clothing with more motives. This opportunity can be exploited by entrepreneurs to create models of clothes related to the sea and its charm. With this theme, it is hoped that this clothes can break the market in the middle of its pure shirt model.

On the other hand, clothing models with the theme of the sea can also be applied to children’s clothes. Seeing some young children today are very fond of fish, dwarf princesses, and shells. 

If you don’t have an idea of a dress model inspired by the charm of the Sea, check out some examples of dress models below.

  • Women Outer 

One type of clothing that is very popular with customers despite having a slightly more popular motif is outer. This type of dress can also be worn for hangouts, holidays, and of course to the beach. 

With a multifunctional model that can be used for various events, this shirt model is the right model to apply the Sea theme to a product. 

Hastta Bahari is a local brand that presents the concept of marine beauty in one of the collections of products. In showing the beauty of the ocean, the above-mentioned collection is referred to as the “Dark Blue Coral Random Pattern Long Sleeve Outer”, where the sea theme is especially visible on the display of the wavelengths of colored blue. This tropical collection is suitable for use in various activities. 

You can visit the official website of Hastta Bahari to find a variety of other collections. These collections have their own philosophies related to the beauty of the sea. 

  • Children Dress Within Fish  Motif 

The theme of fish and underwater charm will be very liked by little children. Because childhood is filled with some cartoons from underwater such as fish and princesses make them more interested there are motifs such as this dress. 

This one-child shirt model can be matched with various types of underwear and gives a stylish impression and looks worthy to be worn by a small child. 

It can also be further developed to produce some other motives that can attract the attention of a small child. 

  • Mermaid Costume

This model is a princess costume. This model is also highly marketed. Because of the fantasies of those hoping to be a whirlwind princess like in their favorite cartoon cartoons, making the model of the whirlwind princess costume very beloved by children. 

Although the costume model this time can not be worn for all kinds of events because the model is too hard, you should not miss out the dress just so.

If only used for photographs only, but this dress can give a more gemstones and funny impression to your heart. So from that, at least your daughter should have one model princess costume.

  • Shipyard Clothes

Shipyard clothes that are identical to the colors of navy and white can be one of the ideas to realize the sea theme on your brand. Moreover, as in the picture above, the clothes can be worn by a variety of skin colors because the color navy can make the skin look brighter.

These clothes can also be worn at various events. Therefore, parents do not have to worry about matching clothes with the child’s activities. Very comfortable and beautiful when wearing.

Not only children, some of these marine themed clothes are also available for adults. But for adults, these clothes usually have a shorter and more open design.

  • Line Clothes

Clothing can also be grouped into sea-themed clothes. Because these clothes are estimated to have motives like DNA. Although DNA itself is two long strands that rotate, it is not like a straight line motif. 

These line motifs can also be worn for different ages, from young children, teens, adults, even to the elderly. These clothes can also be combined with other fashion items to get a look as desired. In addition to its own use, this motif can also be used as an inner or outer in the form of a cardigan.

  • Fish Motif Clothes

These clothes are widely available in the market. Usually these clothes are used to dress every day and feel less suitable to wear when traveling. 

However, these clothes are also very hard on the market because they are usually inexpensive and wear a jacket material that can absorb sweat. Usually it is also coupled with the high demand of young children to their parents to buy them fish clothes.

  • Pirate Cloth

The clothes are also very popular on the market. Usually wearing raw materials so it feels light when wearing and can absorb the child’s sweat. In addition, the painting was designed to be very funny and far different from the real pirate. The terrible make of this dress can make the child more adorable.

  • Leaf Motif on Woman Dress

This dress is usually presented in the shape of a dress that looks more open than the dress in general. This is not a hijab friendly. But for those of you who are not looking for a hijab friendly model, this dress model can be one of the references for you when visiting the beach later. 

With open models and with leaf patterns like on coconut leaves make this dress can not be used for various moments. And it would be more suitable if you only use it on the beach. 

In Conclusion 

Finally, that’s some of the inspirational models of children’s and adult clothes related to the Sea theme or Bahari. Some models are available in various marketplaces, but some models of clothes can also be sought through import stores in Indonesia. 

Today, even local products also have quality that competes to meet the needs of the Indonesian market. Hastta Bahari, a local brand that raises the theme of the sea as the inspiration of clothes especially on the outer and will continue to innovate in various motifs of nature with other clothing models. 

Stay tuned for the collection of other Marines/Bahari Collection or even another theme via our website or social media to know some models that will be released.