Screen Printing - More Pigmented Printing Techniques for Hastta Products

Screen Printing - More Pigmented Printing Techniques for Hastta Products

A typical screen printing is also called a template. This technique is a process of printing something on a flat field coated with a screen or screen that has a certain density and using a certain fabric material anyway.

The process is simple, just pour ink onto the screen and then squeeze it using a rubber pallet. One screen can only be used for one color, whereas to give a variety of colors in one design needs to use the help of a tool to get a precision print. 

How popular is this printing technique, to be used on a variety of fashion products? 

Short History of Screen Printing Method

Screen printing was first discovered in China in 960‚Äď1279 AD during the Song Dynasty. Shortly thereafter, several Asian countries, such as Japan and other countries, began adopting this technique and developing it with other techniques.¬†

This old-fashioned screen printing technique is beginning to develop. The Japanese themselves have been using this technique since 1664. At that time, the price of handwritten kimono was very expensive on the market, the emperor also banned the sale of kimono with the handwriting. Then to push the price, they used the screen printing technique.

The technique is growing and becoming more and more popular. Until the end of the 1960s, an American artist named Vasilantone created a rotary screen printing machine for a variety of colors and patented it.

After five years, the machine was finally known to businessmen in America. It's the most popular machine in the industry to date.

Until now, 50% of printing engineering in almost the entire world uses shirt template engineering.

Popularity of Screen Printing 

Methods on Fashion Today screen printing methods are actually very popular among the clothing industry today. The screen printing technique has a lot of fans because of its cheap price, can be used for a variety of designs, as well as fast crafting techniques. Hastta is one of them, this fashion product brand also uses the printing technique of the filter in the production of its outer collection. 

So, it's no wonder that some customers are choosing a screen printing shirt over a knit shirt or something else. Besides, designs made with screen printings can also be a variety of colors and shapes. So this doesn't stop the buyer from getting the clothes with the design they want.

Advantages of Screen Printing versus Digital Printing Filter 

Advantages of screen printing versus Digital Printing screen printing techniques can be done on the basis of solid objects such as glass, ceramics, glass, plastic, aluminum, and including fabrics. So, instead of buying a printing tool for a clothes screen printing business, the entrepreneur can also open a ceramic, glass, or glass screen printing company using the same tool. 

With the presence of such multifunction, screen printing machines can be used for printing fashion design within the ink layer printed on Hastta's outer will look thick. So the desired image design will have a pigmented color. As well as other advantages it can print on a small scale so Hastta products become more exclusive. 

Hastta itself did not choose to use the digital printing method in its production process because the manufacturing process of the product using the very fast digitally printed methods resulted in high product competition. So the collection of products is not impressed exclusively by Hastta's loyal customers. 

Hastta's outer products want to perform in exclusive but affordable nuances for many scope of community. So the screen printing method becomes a very accurate method used. 

Screen Printing Applied on Hastta’s Collection

One of the local brands that currently uses the printing method is Hastta. Hastta raises the theme of marine beauty and diverse patterns that have been developed since the product was launched. So, for those of you who really love fashion models like that, it would be perfectly appropriate to visit some of Hastta's collections. 

Bahari Collection

The collection provided by Hastta itself is thoughtful, taking the concept of the sea and the coast. However, in every beauty gained from the Sea, Hastta created his own designs by giving a conceptual impression of beauty to the thing. 

Nowadays, the fashion products offered are women's outer products that are produced through screw printing. The outer has a beautiful design, charming, very striking screen printing color, and philosophical. This outer product can be used as an outfit when you're on the beach. And it's perfectly suitable for stylish use and photography there. 

One of Hastta's marine-themed outer designs is "Green Long Sleeve Outer with Wave Patterns". Printed with a screen printing method on a viscose fabric shows a calm wave wave and is perfectly suited to be mixed in the summer. The print on the outer fabric looks very detailed and not vague at all. 

Discovery Collection

The discovery collection from Hastta is a collection created when Hastta was first launched. The collection focuses on motifs that tend to be random but have a simple and unmatched appearance. So you can use it back in so many years. 

For example, "Black Long Sleeve Outer with Gold Accent", printed on a viscose fabric through the screen printing method, gives the user a luxurious appearance due to its gold access. This type of outer one is perfectly suited to use on formal events, but possible wear on casual events as well of course. 

This outer doesn't even give a hot impression to use. But it makes it comfortable even in the summer. 


The conclusion of these fascinating Hastta products is not out of the designers' efforts to create exclusive products that are affordable. To develop the idea and pour it into a fashion product will take a little longer. 

It is worth noting, outer products from Hastta are fashion produced according to the era and season. So it would be very likely that the design you want is no longer available, then immediately have the best product from Hastta according to the design that you want. 

Then from that, you can wait for the product of Hastta Bahari slowly. However, don't be surprised if the latest releases have a more beautiful design.