Hastta | Wrap Dress or Pants in Navy Blue Color

Rp 599.000,00
Try this new addition to your wardrobe: our Navy Blue Wrap Dress or Pants. This collection is a celebration of our core values: elegance, innovation, and sustainability, tailored for the eco-conscious fashion enthusiast. With a nod to classic sophistication, these pieces are a perfect blend of timeless design and modern environmental responsibility.
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Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy revolves around creating pieces that are as innovative as they are comfortable. The wrap dress and pants are designed to offer a flattering fit for various body types, ensuring comfort without sacrificing style. The unique silhouette of the wrap dress and the sleek design of the pants are perfect for those casual days when you want to stand out effortlessly.

Color and Material

Step into the depth of Navy Blue, a color that captures the essence of the night sky. Fabricated from Satin Viscose, this collection not only promises a touch of luxury but also adheres to our commitment to the planet. The use of low-impact dyes further underscores our dedication to eco-friendly practices, ensuring that every piece is as sustainable as it is stylish.

Sustainability Commitment

Materials: Opting for Satin Viscose, we emphasize our pledge towards using eco-friendly materials that reflect our sustainability ethos.
Dye Methods: Embracing low-impact dyes for the rich Navy Blue shade, we minimize environmental harm, aligning with our vision for a greener fashion future.

Fabric Care

- Hand wash in cold water to preserve the fabric's integrity and color vibrancy.
- Use eco-friendly detergents that do not harm the environment.
- Avoid the use of bleach to maintain the color and material quality.
- Iron on low heat to avoid damage.