Hastta | Natural Off-White Oversize Shirt with Detachable Sleeves

Rp 399.000,00
Discover the epitome of versatile chic with our Natural Off-White Oversize Shirt, featuring effortlessly detachable sleeves. Crafted for the fashion-forward and environmentally conscious, this piece embodies our dedication to elegance, innovation, and sustainability. Perfect for any casual occasion, it seamlessly marries style with adaptability.

** Black sleeves not included contact us to make custom sleeves
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Design Philosophy

Our Shirt breaks new ground with its detachable sleeves, allowing for a dynamic wear experience. Tailored for those who appreciate versatility in their wardrobe, this feature enables a transformation from a full-sleeve shirt to a chic sleeveless top in a few moments. This design not only caters to varying style preferences and weather conditions but also underscores our innovative approach to fashion.

Color and Material

Step into the soothing embrace of our Natural Off-White Oversize Shirt. Made from the finest Linen, this garment stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion practices. The natural hue of the fabric, untouched by dyes, speaks volumes of our minimalist design ethos, offering both comfort and a lower environmental footprint

Sustainability Commitment

Materials: We select Linen for its eco-friendly properties, ensuring each shirt is kind to the planet.

Dye Methods: By forgoing the dyeing process, we embrace the linen's natural off-white color, further reducing our ecological impact and enhancing the fabric's biodegradability.

Fabric Care

- Hand wash in cold water with mild, eco-friendly detergents to maintain its pristine condition and environmental integrity.
- Avoid the use of bleach to keep the natural color vibrant.
- Iron at a low temperature to smooth out any wrinkles without damaging the fabric.